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@techreport{PLPC-180011, author = {" Mohsen BANAN "}, title = {" Overview Of ByStar Digital Ecosystem Concepts, Models and Offerings "}, type = "Permanent Libre Published Content", number = {"180011"}, institution = "Autonomously Self-Published", month = {"February"}, year = "2011", note = "\htmladdnormallink{}{}", abstract = "Libre Services are an extension of the principles of free software into the Internet services domain. They are Internet services that can be freely copied and reused by anyone. The Libre Services model exists in relation to the proprietary Internet services model of Facebook, Youtube, MSN, Yahoo and Google, in an analogous way to how GNU/Linux exists in relation to Microsoft Windows. b The concept of “Autonomous Libre Services” focuses on preserving privacy by providing control over information to users with safe guards of functional transparency, information portability and non-retention controls. The concept of “Federation of Libre Services” focuses on interactions amongst Autonomous Libre Services and faciltation of information aggregation amongst Libre Services. Beyond ideology, we are building real-world implementations, deployment and usage in the form of ByStar Federations of Autonomous Libre Services.", location = "/lcnt/lgpc/bystar/permanent/general/overview" }
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Libre/Halaal Internet Services Provided At LibreCenter By Neda

Member of By* Federation Of Autonomous Libre Services

This web site has been created based exclusively on the use of Halaal Software and Halaal Internet Application Services. It is part of the By* Federation of Autonomous Libre Services which in turn are part of the Halaal/Libre By* Digitial Ecosystem which incorporate the following software components: