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@techreport{PLPC-180016, author = {" Mohsen BANAN "}, title = {" The Libre-Halaal ByStar Digital Ecosystem A Unified and Non-Proprietary Model For Autonomous Internet Services A Moral Alterantive To The Proprietary American Digital Ecosystem "}, type = "Permanent Libre Published Content", number = {"180016"}, institution = "Autonomously Self-Published", month = {"June"}, year = "2013", note = "\htmladdnormallink{}{}", abstract = "The Halaal/Libre ByStar Digital Ecosystem is presented as a moral alternative to the Proprietary American Digital Ecosystem.", location = "/lcnt/lgpc/bystar/permanent/general/ByStarDigitalEcosystemEnFa" }
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Libre/Halaal Internet Services Provided At LibreCenter By Neda

Member of By* Federation Of Autonomous Libre Services

This web site has been created based exclusively on the use of Halaal Software and Halaal Internet Application Services. It is part of the By* Federation of Autonomous Libre Services which in turn are part of the Halaal/Libre By* Digitial Ecosystem which incorporate the following software components: