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Trying Out LEAP

Trying Out LEAP

Trying Out LEAP
Mohsen Banan

Version 0.4
First Published: June 12, 1998
Last Updated: June 12, 2000

Copyright ©1998-2000 Mohsen Banan

Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim  
copies of this manual provided the copyright notice and  
this permission notice are preserved on all copies.

A Component of The LEAP Manifesto

This article is one of a series of articles describing various aspects of the Mobile Messaging industry and the Lightweight & Efficient Application Protocols (LEAP) protocols. For the complete collection of articles see The LEAP Manifesto [2], available at The LEAP Manifesto is also available at the Free Protocols Foundation website at


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All the technologies, products and services required to implement LEAP-based messaging solutions are complete and ready to go. LEAP is not vaporware; it is real and available for implementation now.

Anyone who is interested in LEAP is invited to try a hands-on demonstration for themselves. All the components required to allow anyone to try out our products and services are in place. For complete details, see the announcement entitled:

            Announcing Free Availability of  
               Neda Communication Inc.'s  
   Enhanced Two-Way Paging (ETWP) Products and Services  
              For WindowsCE Hand-Held PCs  
               over CDPD and Wireless IP  
                     June 12, 1998

This announcement is available at[1].

This announcement provides complete information about EVERYTHING that you need to turn your WinCE device into a fully functional Mobile Messaging device. Specifically, it describes:

  1. Buying a CDPD modem and getting a CDPD account from your cellular service provider.
  2. Configuring your WinCE device to work with your CDPD modem.
  3. Getting an Enhanced Two-Way Paging (ETWP) account from Neda.
  4. Loading Neda’s Enhanced Two-Way Paging product into your WinCE device.
  5. Sending and receiving messages.


[1]   Neda Communications Inc. Announcing Free Availability Of ETWP Product. Neda Published Document 105-101-06.03, Neda Communications Inc, Bellevue, WA, October 1996. Online document is available at

[2]   Mohsen Banan. Lightweight & Efficient Application Protocol (LEAP) Manifesto. Technical Report 108-101-01, LEAP Forum, Bellevue, WA, January 2000. Online document is available at

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