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Nature of Poly-Existentials As The Basis For Abolishment of
the so-called Intellectual Property Rights Regime
Mohsen BANAN
PLPC-120033 2010
Varbatim Copying Permitted
This is a Draft.
  • This is a Draft. It reflects work in progress.
  • It is half baked.
  • It is inappropriate to cite this draft document in other documents.
  • For the most part what is in here are notes for myself.
  • However, there is enough in here for some to be able to read in between the lines. I would like to hear your comments and criticism. Contact me.
  • - Translations in the works French and Persian/Farsi
Part Outlines
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% partTechnology and Society
Part IV: Nature of Non-Matter
Definitions: Poly-Existentials.
Poly-Existentials: That which exists in nature in plural. Replecatable. Castable. Idea, Concept, Knowledge Recorded Human Formula: (Recipe, H2O, Software Source Code). Conatiner Of Human Formula (brain, memory) Recorded Machine Formula: (Software Binary Code, Recorded Music, text of the book). Conatiner Of Machine Formula (CD, paper, Vynil) Recorded Bilogical Formula: (DNA Later) PolyExistential Replication: re-existence is result of copy, broadcast, multicast, unicast, replication to new containers. Applies to Idea/Recorded Formula PolyExistential ReProduction (Products): Applies to Product. Easily reproduced based on PolyExistential. PolyExistential ReProduction (Services): Applies to Service. PolyExistential Content: A product that is easily replication. PolyExistential Product: A product that is easily reproduced based on PolyExistential. Viagra PolyExistential Service: A service that is Easily reproduced based on PolyExistential. Casting of polyExistentials. Radio Station. TV Station. Google. PolyExistential User: User of PolyExistential Content. PolyExistential Consumer: User of PolyExistential Product. PolyExistential Client: User of PolyExistential Service. User of PolyExistentials: (Content Audiance) Software User Music Listener. Consumer of PolyExistentials: Viagra taker. Client of PolyExistentials: Google Clients Casting of PolyExistential: Broadcast/Multicast/Unicast Extraction of PolyExistential: Reverse Engineering Cumulation of PolyExistential: Drived Work. Examples of Matter: A Pen, A Pencil, A Car, A Tree, A Dog, Spectrum, Cocaine Examples of Poly-Existentials: Knowledge, Processes, Ideas, Software, Recorded Music, Content of a Book, Porn, Pfizer Viagra Generaly Speaking, Matter: Is touchable. Is not recordable. Is not transmitable. Generaly Speaking, Matter: Is not touchable. Is recordable. Is transmitable. Ownership of Matter: Real Property. Thou shall not steal (in all religions) Ownership of Poly-Existentials: Libre. Copyright and Patent are against nature. (so called Intelectual Property Rights)
Matter vs Poly-Existentials.
Open Poly-Existentials: Available as Human Formula. Closed Poly-Existentials: Not Available as Human Formula. Private Poly-Existentials: Secrete. Private key in PKCS. Public/Exposed/Released Poly-Existentials: public. Restricted Poly-Existentials: Proprietary. Libre Poly-Existentials: Non-Proprietary. See “English Needs Libre” [?]. Non-Libre Poly-Existentials: Proprietary.
Private and Public Poly-Existentials.
Because poly-existential exists in multiples it is not natural for it to have an owner. But poly-existential can be private poly-existential or public poly-existential. Private poly-existential is secret. Public poly-existential is knowledge. Neither is ownable. Matter is ownable. A House is Private Property. A National Park is public property.
Forms of Poly-Existentials.
  • Software
  • Books
  • Music
  • Movies
Software: A Special Form of Poly-Existentials.
  • Utiliterian / Useful
  • Lends itself well to collaborative development
  • Accumulates development (cumulative)
  • Free Software/Tools facilitate development of more Software
Summary: Exclusion Laws, Economics and Morality
  • In this paper we prove that Western so-called IPR Regime is ill designed and ill directed and desctructive in global scope.
  • In the global scope, the basis for our rejection of IPR regime is the inherent nature of poly-existentials which are the subject of IPR. In a sovereign’s scope, the basis of our rejection of IPR regime are the dynamics that lead to societal collapse.
  • The concept and terminology for poly-existentials does not currently exist in the patent/copyright/confidentiality/trademark analysis.
  • Laws Governing Mono-Existentials are well tested and there is universal consensus.
  • Laws Governing Poly-Existentials have not been tested. Are not universal.
  • Objectives of Intelectual Property Rights Regime (Financial) Are In Conflict With Nature
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